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distal humerus medial plate

distal humerus medial plate

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  1. distal humerus medial plate 3.5 mm LCP® Distal Humerus Plates Technique Guide

    Two-plate technique for distal humerus fractures Increased stability can be gained from two-plate fixation of distal humerus fractures. The two-plate construct creates a girder-like structure which strengthens the fixation.1 The posterolateral plate functions as a tension band during elbow flexion, and the medial plate supports the medial side ...

  2. distal humerus medial plate Distal Humerus Plates 2.8 - medartis AG

    Insertion of transcondylar TriLock locking screws in the distal condylar bone ; Medial, lateral and posterolateral plate designs allow both 90° and 180° double plate configuration ; Low profile plates for maximum soft tissue protection Plates can be contoured to address anatomic variations

  3. distal humerus medial plate Distal Humerus Fractures - Trauma - Orthobullets

    Distal Humerus Fracture in 44F (C101153) Trauma - Distal Humerus Fractures HPI - 44yo female falls from 6 feet. In addition to the AP and Lateral radiographs above, what …

  4. distal humerus medial plate Distal Humerus Locking Plate - Smith & Nephew

    Distal Humerus Locking Plate. 1 Nota Bene ... application of the Medial Distal humeral plate to the medial column and the Posterolateral Distal humeral plate to the lateral column. 12 Plate Positioning Plate position on the distal humerus will be dictated by fracture pattern and/or patient

  5. distal humerus medial plate Distal Humerus Fractures - ota.org

    Distal Humerus Fractures Edward J Harvey MD MSc FRCSC December 2015 . Uploaded April 2016 . Fractures of the Distal Humerus ... plates) – medial reconstruction plate with posterolateral dynamic compression plate . Dual plating configurations • I-beam or 90-90 • Use stiff plates

  6. distal humerus medial plate 3.5mm Locking Metaphyseal Plate for Distal Medial Humerus

    The anatomical shape of the plate has been especially designed to fit the complex shape of the medial part of the distal humerus. Truly in the sense of Locking metaphyseal plates, the distal part of the plate is tapered to preserve the thin soft tissue envelope of the distal humerus.

  7. distal humerus medial plate Surgical Technique - synthes.vo.llnwd.net

    Cross-section of the VA-LCP Distal Humerus Plate, medial (1) and the LCP Distal Humerus Plate, medial (2) at the level of the medial epicondyle. VA-LCP Distal Humerus Plates 2.7/3.5. The low-profile fixation system with variable angle locking technology.

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